Take a great Kona charter captain who has built a reputation catching BIG blue marlin and has more experience catching big fish in Kona, Hawaii than most any other captain in the Pacific Ocean and pair him with a master craftsman. That is how you create Marlin Magic Lures. Capt. Marlin Parker and artist, Gary Eoff, created one of the most fish catching lure collections on the planet. To begin with, the Parker family has generations of lure making experience. Capt. George Parker caught a grander on one of his own lures in 1954. Secondly, his son, Marlin, inherited his knack with multiple grander catches. And then, add Gary Eoff’s hand-crafted artistry to this vast Big Game Fish catching experience, and you can’t go wrong with a Marlin Magic Lure.

Furthermore, the collection has something tailored to every big game fish and every baitfish situation. If you need Ruckus, you got it. If you need a Plunger, no worries. Looking for something special, like a Delux Shell Big Dog, look no further. In conclusion, Marlin Magic Lures are just what the ocean ordered!

We are currently not accepting orders but will be returning soon. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you!