Tantrum Lures were founded in 2004 by Nick Durham, who has had a very successful career fishing the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Kona, Hawaii and beyond. Nick is now based in Kona, Hawaii – the home and ultimate testing ground for big game fishing lures – where he continues to test and perfect the Tantrum Lures range. Over the years the Tantrum Lures brand has earned a fantastic reputation amongst the world’s top lure fishermen. With over fifteen years of extensive testing and refinement, we’re proud to bring you Tantrum’s range of hand crafted big game fishing lures. From their 14″ XL range, that will draw giant blue and black marlin in to your wake, to their 9″ range, that are just perfect for smaller marlin and big tuna – if you need it – we can get it! Looking to improve your results in big fish tournaments or just want to get more shots at big marlin? As Nick would say “Throw a TANTRUM over the transom!”

We are currently not accepting orders but will be returning soon. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you!