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Bahamas Wahoo Pack


Part of our selection of the finest lure packs put together in the world. This particular lure pack has been made for the hardcore high speed trolling wahoo fishermen with some of the best lures designed for wahoo. The pack contains the following lures:

• Koya 12” AK Jet skirted in green orange tiger over orange dot.
•Koya 12” AK Jet skirted in blue yellow stripe over blue crystal.
•Tanigawa 9” 4-Hole Jet skirted in mackerel over rainbow.
•Tanigawa 9” 4-Hole Jet skirted in gay bob over pink.
•Tsutomu Jetted Kona Dragon skirted in black purple split over silver tiger.
•Tsutomu Jetted Kona Dragon skirted in yellowfin over silver gold black.

These six lures are rigged with the best quality hooksets on the market. Rigged with two Fudo Tuna Ring Eye hooks on 900lb cable finished off with our new yellow heat shrink and a 3’ section of 600lb cable. These Fudo hooks are just sharp, they’re razor sharp and ultra strong, perfectly designed for bury into the jaws of a wahoo and never bending or breaking under heavy drag.
These six lures also come with a Large 6-Pocket lure bag from Black Bart.