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Black Bart Black-Green Tribal Pattern Brazil Pro Jet


Made by Black Bart. The Brazil Pro Jet is a beast of a lure. The largest of the Pro Jet range, the Brazil Pro Jet a big 16″ cupped face lure with four jets. If you’re looking for a grander, this is one lure you should pull as a teaser or rigged with 12/0s. The Brazil Pro Jet is also famous for continuously catching 100+lb wahoo in the Bahamas high speed trolling. Run the Brazil Pro Jet only on 80-130lb class tackle, because whatever eats it, is going to be big.

  • Skirted Length: 16″
  • Recommended Hookset: Single or Double 12/0 , Wahoo Single or Double 12/0
  • Weight: 13.1 oz
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