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Koya Blue Tint Starburst AK Bullet


Made by Eric Koyanagi. The AK, short for Amazing Koya is a renowned lure for tuna and wahoo. Weighing just over 12 oz, the AK runs deep below the surface, right in the strike zone of yellowfin, wahoo and even big marlin. Whether you’re trolling at 7-10 knots or high speed trolling at 14-16 knots, the AK is straight tracking and an easy target for a hungry pelagic. Rig with a 10/0 hookset or 11/0 wahoo hookset and see why it is called the AK.

  • Skirted Length: 12″
  • Recommended Hookset: Single or Double 10/0 / Wahoo Single or Double 11/0
  • Weight: 12.2 oz
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