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Koya x Wireman Cobra Skin Clean Sweep Jet Collab


Made by Eric Koyanagi. The Clean Sweep Jet is a larger size 9″ bullet with a bigger diameter and four jets running through the head to enhance the wiggle and vibration of the rubber or strobez skirting. Weighing 5.3 oz, the Clean Sweep is heavier than the standard 9″ bullet making it a great lure whether you’re fishing for mahi, tuna, wahoo or marlin. Whether you are trolling for mahi, tuna and marlin or high speed trolling for wahoo, the Clean Sweep is a lure that catches fish. Straight tracking, rippling along the surface, the Clean Sweep is an easy target for a fish that isn’t looking for an aggressive moving lure or being shy and not wanting to come in close to the boat. Best run on the riggers and shotgun and rigged with a 9/0 hook. If you’re skirting with Strobez, a single hook is the only way you should rig the Clean Sweep.

  • Skirted Length: 9″/10″
  • Recommended Hookset: Single or Double 9/0 or Wahoo Single or Double 10/0
  • Weight: 5.3 oz