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Marlin Magic Salt and Pepper XXL Ruckus


Made by Gary Eoff. The XXL is the largest of the Ruckus series and we are proud to offer some very special ones in the salt and pepper style that is extremely hard to find now. The Ruckus is famous for catching big marlin and the XXL will do just that. Best run on the short or long corner with a 12/0 hookset. If you’re after a grander, the XXL Ruckus is a must have in your spread. The massive smoke trail left behind the XXL will drive marlin crazy. This XXL Ruckus is preskirted in black vinyl over green, fluorescent yellow and pink tuff tails.

  • Skirted Length: 16/18″
  • Weight: 19.8 oz
  • Recommended Rigging: Single or Double 12/0
  • Preskirted: Black Vinyl over green, fluorescent yellow and pink tuff tails
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