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Koya 9″ Lure Pack


Every lure pack we offer is professionally skirted and rigged, providing the best quality skirting and rigging on the market with high quality custom lures. Each lure pack comes with 6 lures and a Large Black Bart Lure Bag to store them in.

This particular lure pack comes with an assortment of 9″ Koya Lures in different shapes and colors, skirted in blue ocean skirts and rigged with Tantrum X Fudo 8/0 hooks utilizing the new blue heat shrink on 15′ 300lb leaders.

  • Koya 9″ Poi Dog – skirted with Black Purple Split over Purple Fleck skirts
  • Koya 9″ Tube – skirted with yellowfin over dark green foil skirts
  • Koya 9″ 614 – skirted with gay bob over rainbow skirts
  • Koya 9″ Hard Head – skirted with purple blue dot over white black dot skirts
  • Koya 9″ 861 – skirted with blue pink tiger over green chartreuse dot skirts
  • Koya 9″ Jet – skirted with mackerel over pink skirts