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Tanigawa Blue-Pink Rainbow Cracked Glass 9” 4-Hole Jet


Made by Lon Tanigawa. Based in Oahu, Hawaii, Lon has been making beautiful handmade lures for many years and is a very experienced fisherman. One of his most famous shapes is his keel weighted 9” Two Hole Jetted Bullet with a disco ball mirror insert. You will find very few other handmade lures build with such perfection like Tanigawa Lures.

This Particular Tanigawa is a 9” 4-Hole Jet. The 9” jet is more like a 9+ size lure with its larger diameter and heavier weight, it is a deadly tuna and marlin lure. Weighing 8.2oz, the 4-Hole Jet tracks below the surface and is an easy target for any billfish or tuna. Best rigged with a 9/0 hookset!

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