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Tantrum Silver Large AMN


Made by Nick Durham. The Tantrum AMN is a hard head style lure with a flat face. With a slight taper near the face, the AMN looks like any other flat face style lure, but is unique with its weight. The AMN has a foam insert, which makes it not only very light weight, but it also floats. So if you are unfortunate to break your leader, you will have a very good chance of finding the AMN floating on the surface. Don’t let the weight of the AMN fool you, the AMN runs brilliant in any sea conditions and speeds. Skirt in vinyl and rig with a 10/0 hookset and see why the AMN is such a hot lure by Tantrum Lures.

  • Skirted Length: 12″
  • Recommended Hookset: Single or Double 10/0
  • Weight: 4 oz
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