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Tsutomu Aku Fo-Real Super Moke


Made by Garrett Lee. Garrett has become a very popular and well established lure maker in Hawaii. Not only does Garrett make lures, but he is also a commercial fisherman primarily targeting yellowfin/ahi, which is how Garrett has been able to fine tune his lure to be as great as they are. If you’re looking to target ahi, you can never go wrong with pulling a Tsutomu. Tried and tested by many ahi fishing pros, the quality and finish on every Tsutomu is fantastic.

The Super Moke is one of the largest lures Garrett produces. Primarily trolled for billfish, the Super Moke is a 14” angle faced lure that produces aggressive movement and a thick smoke trail behind the boat. This versatile lure is great to pull on the corners or riggers, and will surely have a hungry marlin inhale it! Best rigged with a 10/0 or 11/0 hookset.

This particular Super Moke is preskirted with blue vinyl over purple, pink and black tuff tails to mimic the colors of a real aku.