Rubber Skirt Colors

Rubber octopus skirts are offered as a standard option on all our 7″ and 9″ lures. These lures are too small to be skirted in the superior vinyl material, which is the first choice for the larger lures. Wireman Custom Lures uses Blue Ocean Manufacturing LLC (‘BOM’) skirts which are designed and made in the USA. These rubber octopus skirts are engineered from a high quality material designed to take a beating from the sun and big fish hits!  Our standard rubber skirt combinations are shown below.  Please contact us for any custom work that you may require.

Arctic Bonito/silver, gold, black

Arctic Bonito over silver, gold, black

Black dot/green foil

Black dot over dark green foil

Black purple/pink

Black and purple split over pink

Black purple/purple

Black and purple split over purple

Black purple/silver tiger

Black and purple split over silver tiger

Black/green chartreuse

Black over green chartreuse


Black over pink

Black/purple fleck

Black over purple fleck


Black over rainbow

Blue pink tiger/green chartreuse

Blue pink tiger over green chartreuse

Blue/black dot

Blue over black dot


Blue over pink

Blue yellow stripe/green chartreuse

Blue yellow stripe over green chartreuse

Blue yellow stripe/rainbow

Blue and yellow stripe over rainbow

Dark green foil/gold dot

Dark green foil over gold dot

Dark green foil/green chartreuse

Dark green foil over green chartreuse

Gay bob/pink

Gay bob over pink

Gay bob/rainbow

Gay bob over rainbow

Glow/green chartreuse

Glow over green chartreuse


Mackerel over pink

Purple/black dot

Purple over black dot

Yellowfin/Silver, Gold, Black

Yellowfin over silver, gold, black

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