Strobez Skirt Colors

This unique skirt material that catches and reflects light looks nothing short of incredible in the water and has to be seen to be believed. It adds flash, glow and color to lures. We provide it as a standard option on all 7″, 9″, 9+ and 12″ bullets. It is a lot more resistant to the bites of toothy critters like Wahoo. We skirt lures with Strobez in-house and we currently use the extra flashy high quality TANTRUM Strobez. Our standard Strobez skirt color combinations are shown below.  Please contact us for any ultra-custom work that you may require.

Color Combinations for 7”, 9”, 9+, 12” Bullets


Pearl over pink


Pink over pearl

Pearl/dark blue

Pearl over dark blue

Dark blue/pearl

Dark blue over pearl


Pearl over purple


Purple over pink


Red over black


Green over red

Color Combinations for 9+, 12” Bullets

Purple, pearl/light blue, pink

Purple and pearl over light blue and pink

Light blue/pink, yellow

Light blue over pink and yellow

Black, yellow, pearl/light blue, pearl

Black, yellow and pearl over light blue and pearl

Green/dark blue, yellow

Green over dark blue and yellow

Pearl/purple, pink

Pearl over purple and pink

Pearl/light blue, pink

Pearl over light blue and pink

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