Harry Bate

When it comes to custom skirted trolling lures, Wireman Custom Lures offers the finest service in the industry. The focus on customer service is evident in the level of detail and care put into skirting and rigging every lure perfectly, whether it be rubber, vinyl or Strobez skirts. Wireman Custom Lures also carries an impressive range of the world’s finest trolling lures. I would highly recommend Wireman Custom Lures to anyone looking for custom lures skirted perfectly.

Jamison Patterson

THE BEST THERE IS! Plain and simple. Wireman Custom Lures has the highest quality lures, skirting, and rigging you can find. Henry at Wireman Custom Lures has the experience to assist you with any questions you may have and is ready to help! It’s always a pleasure doing business with Wireman Custom Lures and your order is shipped fast every time! You won’t find anyone more passionate about lures and lure fishing than Henry! 10 out of 10 – I would definitely recommend them!!

Anthony Riccio

If you ever need some insane vinyl or flash work done, Henry is the man to contact!

Hussain Makki

Although only a recent start up, Wireman Custom Lures has proven that they know exactly what they are doing. The wide selection of trolling lures is superb – from Black Bart’s to Joe Yee’s, the remarkable selection is too great not to have them all in your spread. It doesn’t stop there – the custom skirting and rigging is a finesse in itself – the quality of rigging is far better than most (no offense to others), but the truth has to be told. The process goes very smoothly when you are talking to someone who knows exactly what he is doing and who will assist you in every way. Many thank to my buddy Henry for his great work!!!

Griffin Williford

Henry at Wireman Custom Lures is a fantastic resource for all things pelagic.  He possesses an immense knowledge of the lure industry and as a result delivers top tier products to anglers worldwide.  He will tailor and seek out any size, shape or action lure that the customer requests and in a timely fashion.  I look forward to seeing the continued success story of his brand.